Dash meets The Professor
  • Dash meets The Professor


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    “It's the year 3000. Dash, a super-human of earth, was born with wings on his feet giving him super speed. His incredible speed eventually enabled him to time travel through history and into the future. The Professor, another super-human, suffered a freak accident which resulted in unlocking full access to his brain. He quickly mastered telepathy, psychokinesis, and mind control as a child. By neurologically communicating with animals, he soon befriended an owl who advises The Professor and sits on his shoulder. In this piece, the two heroes unite as the next generation of super-humans.”


    Artist: Xavier Hardison

    Dimensions: 24” x 30” (unframed)

    Medium: Acrylic on Linen

    Edition Number: 1/1

    Year: SS 2022

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