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Founded in 2013, Xavier Hardison Fine Art crafts urban painting and sculpture to enhance the natural brilliance in residential, commercial, and business settings. Xavier Hardison Design is a premiere design studio. Hardison invites art lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs worldwide to discover the future of fine art and design.

To ensure the best quality experience, all gallery pieces come with free framing and free shipping. All gallery artworks are delivered in 5-7 business days after purchase, and include an official Certificate of Authenticity.


Meet The Owner


           Xavier Hardison (b. 1998) is an African American Artist & Designer from Germantown, Maryland. He studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and received fellowship from Yale Norfolk School of Art in 2019. Hardison has exhibited across the east coast including a solo show at West Elm Inner Harbor and group shows in Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Highland NY, and Providence RI. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland where he is pursuing his Bachelors of Fine Art from MICA.

          Hardison paints using thin washes of acrylic to gradually embed figures in sand. This process of building up a textured surface to incorporate a figure references Italian fresco-secco, or “dry fresco”. Predating the Renaissance, the ancient Egyptians painted limestone tablets also known as “painted relief sculptures” to depict gods in temples dating back as early as 2400 BC. These painted reliefs, however impressive, fail to accurately depict human anatomy. The fresco-secco painters of the Italian Renaissance fail to depict people of color. Xavier uses both art techniques to signify figures in tactile surfaces. He also paints impressionistic landscapes "en plein air", minimalist compositions, and abstractions.

         He creates sculptural artifacts using acrylic paint, sand, rocks, and gold leaf to highlight the harmonious balance of nature. His logo, an X within a capital H, is incorporated in various ways to represent his heritage. The symbol alludes to the structure of DNA, the hour glass, and a human figure.


          Sand is used in his pieces to signify the passage of time, and to connect viewers to the earth. This material is used in the hour glass, is associated with leisure recreation, and is gradually formed through the natural wear of rocks by water, wind, and gravity. Gold leaf is used not only as a metaphor for the vibrance within the black community, but to activate light in the spaces they occupy. The pieces present allegories of triumph, tragedy, and fantasy while diversifying the narrative of the African American community.

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xavier hardison contemporary black artist germantown maryland
xavier hardison contemporary black artist germantown maryland
xavier hardison contemporary black artist germantown maryland
xavier hardison contemporary black artist germantown maryland
xavier hardison contemporary black artist germantown maryland